Reliving my childhood

The past two weeks have been trying for me.  I finished my second ironman just a little over two weeks, and as many reading this may know there is some minor depression that proceeds a big race. After a big race I always take a few days off of work to see if I can pass the depression stage. This was no different I have enough PTO at work and I took the following week off.  At the end of my week off Bex, my oldest, got sick what looked to be a typical cold.

She usually doesn’t like to take medicine (like every kid) so we usually hold off on taking her to the doctors until we notice her not getting better.  Lisa and I noticed her not getting better on Saturday so Lisa took Bex in on Saturday and the doctor prescribed some medicine which is always a struggle for us to get it down.  But my wife and I did our best, but by Wednesday the week we took her back to the doctor.  The doctor just said it is a bad cold and it will go away just keep giving her the medicine and she will get better.  My mom came over that night to take a look at her, and relived the story of me going to the hospital when I was five.  My mom, the retired nurse, brought over her stethoscope and pulse oximeter and checked Bex out.  Her oxygen saturation was around 79 and heart rate was around 150bpm (your oxygen saturation should be around 95 and heart rate should be around 90).

Lisa and I took her to the ER, she was checked out there by registration, and then by a nurse, and then quickly put on oxygen, and the ER doctor checked her out.  They put her on oxygen to help her breathing, and admitted her to the pediatric floor.  It was really late when they admitted her, it was around 11:00pm (I’m usually in bed by 8:30 so this was really late for me).  I couldn’t really sleep if I laid down anyways, I stayed two night in the hospital with Bex and Lisa.  I was a dad that was worried, and as my mom said “This is payback”. 

Belle and I went to a friends birthday party on Saturday, and I got to hang out with her for most of the weekend.  We visited Vicky, my sister, and Bryce, my nephew, Saturday night.  Vicky and I talked about the time I spent in the hospital, and eventually Belle and I went home.  Belle got to sleep in my bed for two nights, which she liked, but she really missed having mommy.   

Bex spent a total of four nights in the hospital, but she is home now and I can’t be thankful enough.  I also was thankful to mom, for checking out Bex, and just being there for Lisa and I.  I can remember when I was younger I couldn’t wait to move away to a big city, but this days I’m thankful that I live near family.

Things are getting back to normal here, the post Ironman depression was pretty much wiped cleaned after the kid thing. I’m back to work, hopefully all five days this week, and the kid just went back to cheerleading, and should be back swimming next week.

I will be racing the Harrisburg Marathon relay with the “Middle Age Kicker” the crew we had last year, and then finishing the year off like always with the Nittany Half Marathon.

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The Road to Kona

If you don’t know what Kona or where Kona, or why some triathletes talk about Kona. Kona is the name many people used for the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii.   You have to qualify for this race.  Either through the Legacy system (which to be frank I’m not sure what it is but you do twelve Ironman races in ten years or something like that).  I believe there is a lottery you can pay to enter and then pay again if you get selected to do the race.  The one that I would like to do is qualify for it at another race.  Every Ironman has a certain number of slots that they allocate which is forty or so and every age group gets at least one slot and some of the bigger age groups can get two or more.

The problem with all that is, is that I am an average in the sport of triathlon.  In no way am I in the back of the pack, but in no way am I in the top five.  But that doesn’t mean I cannot be.

I hope to use this blog to keep track of my progress, and not to let this dream go.

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton