About Me

Keith Evans

I was born in Central Pennsylvania in 1978 (you can figure out my age or better yet my age group).  In my twenties I let myself go, and when I was twenty-nine, I had a very frank conversion with my doctor (she was actually a Physician Assist), she basically said you are fat and I need to put you on medicine to control your cholesterol.  I was twenty-nine and really did not want to go on cholesterol medicine.  I asked if there was anything else I could do not to go on the medicine.  She said I could have thirty days to lose weight and try to lower my cholesterol numbers.  She added most people just take the pills it is easier, and they aren’t that expensive.

For thirty I rode my bike in the trainer, usually watching “Family Guy” or something that I could watch in thirty minutes.  I lost about twenty pounds that month, and when we tested my cholesterol the number where in an acceptable range.

I knew I couldn’t just stop at that I needed to keep at the exercise, I eventually got into running, and the summer of 2008 I decided to run a marathon. I ran the local Harrisburg Marathon, and when I finished I swore to anyone that would listen “I’m never doing this again.”  Well that didn’t last I have run countless marathons, and have done a number of triathlons (with two full Ironmans).

One thing I learned about fitness is there is no finish line.  You can say “I reached 160lbs” and go back to your old habbits or eating crap and watching tv.  I have been doing this for the past ten years, and I really don’t want to stop.  This blog is for me, and if you enjoy reading it and even get some inspirations from it great.  This is my journey to find out if I can be one of the best.